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Xel-Ha is a paradise for nature lovers and a spectacular natural aquarium. It is located in the Riviera Maya, Quintana Roo, Mexico, and since 1995 is a model of sustainable tourism development, unique attractions for the whole family.

The ancient Maya named this wonderful site with the name of Xel-Ha, which in Mayan language means "Where the water is born".

Its privileged position, in pre-Hispanic times Xel-Ha served as shelter port, shopping center, a place of pilgrimage and refuge for sailors, besides representing a food reserve during bad weather.

Legend has it that the Mayan gods pooled their wisdom, illusions and love for the beautiful, to create a place to bring together the best of nature in one place, which they called Xel-Ha. Once created, the gods were so pleased with the place, they decided to allow entry to all mortals. To care for him and the elements that surround it, the gods named three guards: "Huh," Iguana, Guardian of the Earth, "Chuc Kay," the Pelican, Guardian of the Air, and the fish "Kay Op" parrotfish, Guardian Water. It is said that to date, these guardians look after the park and all who visit.

This tropical park is a place of indescribable beauty; in it, you can swim and snorkel among hundreds of multicolored fish that have made the river and lagoon home to live. Discover this beautiful paradise on foot, by bicycle or mini train, all the time admiring different species of flora and fauna in their natural habitat. Enjoy an unforgettable experience in an Inclusive Park; delight in typical Mexican in any of his four restaurants or any evidence of the most popular drinks in Xel-Ha dishes.