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Xcaret is an amusement theme park with entertainment, lots of activities and attractions. It is located within a large natural ecosystem through the rainforest content, just an hour's drive south of Cancun. The park reaches the white sand beach in the Caribbean. Xcaret is a water park which offers many activities throughout the day with fun and lots to do. It provides a large open zoo and a museum of nature in the jungle, mangroves, beach with caves and sinkholes (cenotes). Xcaret provides an amazing variety of natural water activities like diving and an underground river. The park has many sections to make and easy to find. Wildlife is everywhere. You are walking through the park you can see monkeys in the trees, along with all kinds of birds. You can approach and interact with most of the animals.

Xcaret is located in an area where flourished one of the three most outstanding aboriginal cultures of the Americas. The Maya civilization is comparable to ancient Egypt, Greece, Rome, India and China. Xcaret not only shows what nature should be, but it gets a showcase of Maya culture, with traces of tradition, pyramids and original buildings. In addition, while strolling through the park or attend presentations afternoon and evening shows, Xcaret also gives you a sample of Mexican society, regions and history.

Xcaret is one of the theme parks and more new and featured in the entertainment world and already recorded more than ten million visitors very satisfied. Although there is much to see and do, visitors praised and recommended, among other things, water activities including diving and swimming the underground river. Aquarium coral reef, fed by the ocean tide, with all kinds of native species are lost. Discover the botanical walk and enjoy the breeding of parrots and flamingos, the pavilion and greenhouse of butterflies, see panthers and jaguars, as well as Monkey Island. Take a break and relax with a boat ride along the Paradise River. See the dolphin show next to the beautiful white sand with a sea of ​​incredible blue. Dive into the lagoon and on a rim follow the path of peaceful giant tortoises.

Make an early or late lunch at any of the four restaurants of excellent reputation and enjoy activities in the afternoon and evening. Do not miss the Mexican equestrian show. Take a tour of the Mayan people with their traditions and their evening show. Do not miss the chapel and the cemetery with the Day of the Dead is celebrated. At the end of the day, we should see the very prominent main show. It is considered absolutely amazing nightlife, with more than 300 artists on stage. It starts with the theme Maya, including not easy ballgame, presented in a truly impressive performance. Excellent is also the "Fireball" Maya. The second part of the evening show includes authentic Mexican dances and music, with a display of costumes and dances from all over Mexico.