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Tulum is definitely a symbol of the beautiful Mexican Caribbean, for its privileged position the ruins of "El Castillo", flanking the coast watching the turquoise sea and the endless green jungle that stretches as far as the eye.

The ruins are not as old as you might think, have more than four years and were abandoned when the first Spaniards to America. But after it was abandoned jungle advanced on them. Until the year of 1847, he spent over two hundred years abandoned.

Walled city or stockade, is the translation of the name of Tulum, though this name is also new. To be rediscovered its peculiar leaping city wall that is around buildings revealing the reason for its existence. Being the highest cliff in the area and serving midpoint between the island of Cozumel and other settlements along the Riviera Maya, it is believed to be a city dedicated to trade.

Its walls protect served next to the forest. Sea side and with a height boats coming or going with the precious merchandise were observed. Tulum was an independent city and its advantageous position could foresee attacks from sea. This city buildings housed important people who belonged to royalty, political and religious, in some areas you can see only the rocks on the ground they describe as were the homes and the lifestyle they may have had.

But to imagine how the city looked in its heyday, in some buildings have been preserved paintings flaunt colors and despite the inclement weather. Look at those earth colors on the walls connects us to the cliff.

Visitors can enjoy the sea der down the stairs to a portion of beach that is part of the visit.

On one side of the archaeological zone of the protected area called "Tulum National Park" in his species are preserved characteristics of the Caribbean jungle as the tapir, peccary, raccoon, ocelot, white-tailed deer, etc. is Waterfowl, many of them migratory birds, reptiles and butterflies, mainly. In this area, the turtles having a better chance to survive the spawning to go to sea.

Near the ruins is the beach area that unlike places like Cancun and Playa del Carmen, these beaches still retain the rustic air away from large hotels and commercialized areas. Along the beach you can see some restaurants offering lounge chairs and tables for visitors or just one can look for the best part of the beach to lay a towel and sit back and enjoy.