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Legend of aluxes

Small pre-Hispanic Mayan mystical beings that mean alux (same meaning); is the name given to the elf or mystical spirit. Is dedicated to protecting and mischief invading people have asked their crops without permission. Compared with elves for their small size as its height is no more than two hands together.

They are native to the Yucatan peninsula. The story goes that the Maya created with virgin clay and a drop of blood to make a closer link to its creator, they put them specifically in the cornfields of crops and their creators gave them orders not to let anyone in; so if an animal or person trying to enter said crop by any circumstance the aluxes throwing stones at them until you achieve them out. They are protective of who adopts and gives them food and shelter.

Contemporary Mayans say that they exist and they are called as they grow corn, to help them harvest comes to an end to grow corn without any mishap. At the end of seven years farmers should lock them in a house and leave them there; otherwise the aluxes began to have aggressive behavior with people.

During your journey somewhere in the Yucatan peninsula you will surely stumble across any of them; do not panic !! it's really for sale at craft stores as dolls with top tails and a slingshot.