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On the Island of the Swallows, as it is known to Cozumel you can fulfill the dream of finding an ancient treasure under the sea, but there is a chest full of gold bars, but hundreds of species make marine life possible reefs in Cozumel.

The own Jacques Cousteau, the famous French oceanographer world renowned for study and promote the conservation of the oceans, Cozumel described as one of the most spectacular places on earth for diving, after visiting the island in 1961. Since then thousands of tourists, conservation experts, researchers, and athletes traveling to the island to live one of the best experiences of life.

Reaching Cozumel is easy. From Cancun, you can travel by road an hour to the pier of Playa del Carmen where you wait for the ferry across to the island in approximately 30 minutes. Cozumel has an area of ​​48 km long by 16 wide, yet only 6% of the territory has urban development, so your tour of its shores you find secluded beaches, jungles and quiet contact with nature without the bustle of the city itself.

Cozumel offers relaxation spaces where all you hear is the sound of the waves and the singing of the birds. However, the biggest attraction in Cozumel is located in the immensity of the sea along the Mesoamerican reef that passes in front of the island. Snorkel or just snorkeler on coral reef awaken in you feelings and unique emotion.

On the reef of Cozumel, one of the best preserved in the world, you'll admire closely a variety of fish, among them, the parrotfish, queen angel, angel gray grouper, squirrel fish, hogfish, fish pork and the Cozumeleño which is endemic to the area-purple with yellow beards. The number of reefs and dive sites is enough to visit up to two per day, we recommend to be careful not to touch the coral or swim above them because a simple touch can break them and stop them from growing thousands of years. On land, the island also offers many natural attractions. One is Chankanaab Park (Maya name in Spanish means "little sea") where you can visit the crocodile, witness the show of the sea lions, or visit the Mayan house to enjoy a delicious handmade tortilla.

If it is known San Miguel - the people at the center of the island, along the boardwalk find restaurants, bars, jewelry stores, crafts and boutiques.
You can also admire the huge floating hotels, ie cruise ships arriving at the coast. Did you know that in a week Cozumel receives an average of 28 cruise? That's right, the island is one of the most active tourist ports. Due to the large number of sporting activities taking place in Cozumel, among these, the Ironman and Diving Festival, the island seeks to position itself as a sports destination with world-class eventsby.

Do not resist, Cozumel is waiting to take you out to a dark dream ride.